New Tutorial: Prefix all PHP Namespaces in PrestaShop Modules

Prefix all PHP namespaces in PrestaShop modules

With 65% of retail brands developing their own eCommerce websites, the post COVID-19 world has a silver lining for eCommerce website development.

One software platform, which rings a bell and makes life easier for developers like you is the PrestaShop. From being an open-source platform to offering unsurpassable customization – PrestaShop is a one-stop destination for developers looking to provide an attractive user interface. 

As PrestaShop is written in modern PHP, it’s based on Composer and uses a set of well-known libraries administered by the dependency manager, including:

  • Doctrine libraries
  • Symfony framework
  • Prestashop packages

Though the Composer eliminates the nightmare of managing large dependencies, its use in PrestaShop extension is limited. The development of modules powered by Composer can result in conflicts between any of the installed libraries. 

For instance, a possible conflict arises when a framework has a class ‘Carbon,’ and another library also has a class named ‘Carbon.’ 

Composer doesn’t resolve these conflicts. You end up wasting time on copy-pasting and testing the library source code with different namespaces. 

This is where an innovative service like PHP-Prefixer leads the way. 

Being a one-of-a-kind PHP prefixing service, it manages and updates the namespaces to solve the conflicts. The service allows prefixing the Composer-installed dependencies

As it’s a cloud-based service, it empowers you to use it from anywhere without local installation. It’s a feature, which has been the most sought-after thing in the PHP world. 

Using PHP-Prefixer, install any library and use freely in your modules while eliminating hardware or software complex configuration in your development toolchain. 

It’s likely to bring a paradigm shift in the PHP world. Just declare what to prefix and PHP-Prexifer does it for you!

Exciting, isn’t it?

Use How to Prefix a PrestaShop Module for a detailed overview of prefixing a PrestaShop module. 

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