Use PHP Composer Without Limitations

If you’ve been using PHP before March 1st, 2012, you’re probably aware of all the frustration and pain of using PHP and its libraries. 

PHP-Prefixer is a new and innovative way to design solutions based on Composer and libraries

From spending hours debugging to passing around large project directory files in USB or populating the VCS history – the pre-composer days were a nightmare for developers. 

Now, the PHP Ecosystem lives in the composer era. Composer is the de-facto tool to distribute packages and connect the developers in a hub of synergies. 

Since its release, Composer has become the one-stop-solution for PHP development. It brought one of the most sought-after features to PHP: dependency management. 

Ins and Outs of Composer

Today, Composer is the dependency management tool in PHP and is widely used for managing libraries of a PHP project. 

But, does a Composer fix all issues of the pre-composer days? Probably not!

The Composer is not designed to resolve naming and version conflicts. A naming conflict arises when a library class and framework has the same name. A version conflict is when a part of a system uses one version of the library, and the other part uses another version. 

Whether you’re creating dynamic pages or building an e-commerce site, it is difficult to turn your ideas into a reality without finding a solution to the above conflicts. 

Until now, you had to choose the libraries and dependencies carefully to avoid conflicts between the installed packages. 

That’s why we developed a revolutionary service called PHP-Prefixer.

The Rise of PHP-Prefixer

PHP-Prefixer is an automated online service for applying prefixes to Composer dependencies. 

A complex rule-based system powers it. PHP-Prefixer processes the projects and dependencies automatically to prefix every project file. With a PHP-Prefixer, you can freely install any library, and it manages your namespaces. 

PHP-Prefixer requires no local installation, no Phars, and no new dependencies.

PHP-Prefixer – A Must for Every PHP Developer

A frustrated developer wants to use Composer without limitations, and the only way of doing it is by prefixing PHP libraries. Prefixed libraries are personalized libraries that allow creating new solutions without restrictions. Being a one-of-a-kind service, PHP-Prefixer offers a bouquet of benefits including, 

  • Builds the best PHP solutions  
  • Work with expressive and elegant frameworks 
  • Reduce time spent on already-solved problems     
  • Freely choose components for your system
  • Speed up the creation and maintenance
  • End repetitive coding tasks
  • Control your code

How are We Different?

PHP-Prefixer is a new and innovative way to design solutions based on Composer and libraries. The service opens new windows of opportunities and improves the time to market of your biggest idea. PHP-Prefixer: 

  • Offers on-demand resources to process PHP Composer packages.  
  • Does not require installation on every computer.      
  • It can be accessed from anywhere.     
  • Free from software and hardware’s complex configuration.    
  • Natively supports continuous integration workflows.

Unlike any other PHP-service, you only have to declare what to prefix.

PHP-Prefixer does it for you!

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