PHP-Prefixer is Silver Sponsor of JoomlaDay USA 2021

PHP-Prefixer is Silver Sponsor of JoomlaDay USA 2021. We have two tickets to giveaway.
PHP-Prefixer is part of JoomlaDay USA 2021 as a Silver Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that PHP-Prefixer is part of JoomlaDay USA 2021 as a Silver Sponsor. And we want to share it with you, inviting you to participate in this community event.

PHP-Prefixer is an automated online service to apply prefixes to Composer dependencies. With PHP-Prefixer, you can develop your solutions using the same libraries for all the platforms you work in, specifically Joomla. It’s a new, innovative, and revolutionary way to prefix Composer dependencies. The service is a game-changer as it’s an easy way to design solutions to some of your most complicated PHP coding problems.

On this occasion, we have the opportunity to support the Joomla community by sponsoring this conference. Joomla Day USA brings together Joomla thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts worldwide for a first-ever immersive virtual experience. 

The event will be held online on April 23 and 24 and promises to be remarkable. In addition to interesting talks and sessions, it will be possible to network and talk with the sponsors and speakers, almost like a face-to-face event. 

We’ll be hanging out in our virtual booth in the expo to chat and network: join us! We have two tickets to giveaway: just contact us or leave a comment here!
All sessions will be recorded and available for attendants. To learn more about this Joomla conference, check out the official website.

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