Revitalizing WordPress Plugin Development: A Contemporary Approach

In this article, Gabriele Bellini discusses the need for a modern approach to WordPress plugin development. He highlights the stagnation of PHP coding standards within WordPress compared to advancements in PHP and other frameworks like Laravel and Symfony.

The author proposes a contemporary methodology focusing on Composer integration, the Singleton pattern, namespace conventions, clean folder structures, and static code analyzers. Key points include utilizing Composer for dependency management, implementing the Singleton pattern for plugin instantiation, disregarding outdated file naming conventions in favor of PSR-4 autoloading, employing namespaces for isolated helper functions, maintaining a modular folder structure, utilizing static code analyzers like PHPStan and adopting wp-env for local development.

The approach presented is based on the author’s extensive experience and aims to enhance the efficiency and quality of WordPress plugin development in line with modern PHP practices.

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