Revitalizing WordPress Plugin Development: A Contemporary Approach

In this article, Gabriele Bellini discusses the need for a modern approach to WordPress plugin development. He highlights the stagnation of PHP coding standards within WordPress compared to advancements in PHP and other frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. The author proposes a contemporary methodology focusing on Composer integration, the Singleton pattern, namespace conventions, clean folder … Continued

Mastering PHP Namespaces: A Comprehensive Guide

This article is a comprehensive introduction to the concept of PHP namespaces, offering readers a lucid and insightful explanation of their significance and practical application. It dives into the intricacies of namespace syntax, covering key aspects such as declaration and referencing, sub-namespaces, namespace importation, and aliasing for class names. Moreover, the article delves into the … Continued

Create and publish a PHP Composer package

This tutorial walks you through creating and publishing a PHP composer package. It includes some essential steps and tips for making it easier for other developers to use your packages in their applications.

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