Using Guzzle in a WordPress plugin with PHP-Prefixer

Using Guzzle in a WordPress plugin with PHP-Prefixer

Have you tried to use the fantastic ‘Guzzle’ on WordPress, but someone said it wasn’t a good idea due to the possible conflicts? Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client built for PHP that makes it easy to send HTTPS requests. Interestingly, Guzzle offers a minimal API, making it possible for a developer to make HTTP … Continued

Announcing GitHub Actions for PHP-Prefixer

We’ve launched our first official GitHub Action for PHP-Prefixer, and it is now available on the GitHub marketplace. This initial action covers the core integration scenario to connect your GitHub builds with your PHP namespace and scope prefixing process. PHP-Prefixer is a service to apply PHP prefixes to namespaces, functions, helpers, traits, interfaces, and more. … Continued

New PHP-Prefixer REST API

Are you tired of not being able to easily script PHP-Prefixer operations into your development pipeline? Do you want to integrate GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines or GitLab CI to prefix PHP? This REST API allows simple access from the Web Service interface to most of the functionality available on our site.

Comparing PHP-Scoper with PHP-Prefixer

In October 2020 we launched our one-of-a-kind PHP prefixing service called PHP-Prefixer. It’s a new, innovative, and revolutionary way to prefix Composer dependencies. The service is a game-changer as it’s an easy way to design solutions to some of your most complicated PHP coding problems. Another tool that prefixes Composer dependencies is the PHP-Scoper, an … Continued

Use PHP Composer Without Limitations

If you’ve been using PHP before March 1st, 2012, you’re probably aware of all the frustration and pain of using PHP and its libraries.  From spending hours debugging to passing around large project directory files in USB or populating the VCS history – the pre-composer days were a nightmare for developers.  Now, the PHP Ecosystem … Continued

Using Composer in a CMS

Today, Aníbal Sánchez, our product manager, will educate you on several techniques of using PHP Prefixer in the extension development of packages on Joomla. Using Composer in a Content Management System (CMS) Thursday, December 10 10:00 am EST. Check your time zone. Share the link for this session Click here to register for the session … Continued

New Tutorial: Prefix all PHP Namespaces in PrestaShop Modules

With 65% of retail brands developing their own eCommerce websites, the post COVID-19 world has a silver lining for eCommerce website development. One software platform, which rings a bell and makes life easier for developers like you is the PrestaShop. From being an open-source platform to offering unsurpassable customization – PrestaShop is a one-stop destination … Continued