Revitalizing WordPress Plugin Development: A Contemporary Approach

In this article, Gabriele Bellini discusses the need for a modern approach to WordPress plugin development. He highlights the stagnation of PHP coding standards within WordPress compared to advancements in PHP and other frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. The author proposes a contemporary methodology focusing on Composer integration, the Singleton pattern, namespace conventions, clean folder … Continued

Mastering PHP Namespaces: A Comprehensive Guide

This article is a comprehensive introduction to the concept of PHP namespaces, offering readers a lucid and insightful explanation of their significance and practical application. It dives into the intricacies of namespace syntax, covering key aspects such as declaration and referencing, sub-namespaces, namespace importation, and aliasing for class names. Moreover, the article delves into the … Continued

Create and publish a PHP Composer package

This tutorial walks you through creating and publishing a PHP composer package. It includes some essential steps and tips for making it easier for other developers to use your packages in their applications.

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Using Composer in a CMS: A practical approach

A library to update a CMS plugin led the path to explore what Composer is, the classic use cases where it shines, its limitations, and the suitable solutions for naming conflicts. A few years ago, when I was updating one of my plugins for a CMS, I needed a library to complete the update. This … Continued

PHP-Prefixer GitHub Action v1 is Available

In December 2021, as part of the efforts to ease and automate the CI/CD pipelines, we published the GitHub Action for PHP-Prefixer v1, and it is now available on the GitHub marketplace. The Action is the definitive implementation of the core integration scenario to connect your GitHub builds with your PHP namespace and scope prefixing … Continued

Using Guzzle in a WordPress plugin with PHP-Prefixer

Using Guzzle in a WordPress plugin with PHP-Prefixer

Have you tried to use the fantastic ‘Guzzle’ on WordPress, but someone said it wasn’t a good idea due to the possible conflicts? Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client built for PHP that makes it easy to send HTTPS requests. Interestingly, Guzzle offers a minimal API, making it possible for a developer to make HTTP … Continued

Announcing GitHub Actions for PHP-Prefixer

We’ve launched our first official GitHub Action for PHP-Prefixer, and it is now available on the GitHub marketplace. This initial action covers the core integration scenario to connect your GitHub builds with your PHP namespace and scope prefixing process. PHP-Prefixer is a service to apply PHP prefixes to namespaces, functions, helpers, traits, interfaces, and more. … Continued

Introducing Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Introducing pay-as-you-go pricing

Introducing pay-as-you-go pricing. Now, available on PHP-Prefixer, the Pay-As-You-Go pricing plan is a flexible alternative to a monthly plan, only pay for what you use.

New PHP-Prefixer CLI: Prefix from the Terminal

New PHP-Prefixer CLI: prefix from the terminal. After the recent release of the REST API, with an eye on the upcoming GitHub Action, now we introduce the PHP-Prefixer command-line.

New PHP-Prefixer REST API

Are you tired of not being able to easily script PHP-Prefixer operations into your development pipeline? Do you want to integrate GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines or GitLab CI to prefix PHP? This REST API allows simple access from the Web Service interface to most of the functionality available on our site.